Teens Molding - A Passion Search Program

Mission on 12.22.2021

Establish a "Passion Search" program that focuses on guiding students in the area of their passion, possibly at an international level.

Target audience and impact

Students who do not necessarily have the resources to follow their "passion" effectively are interested in learning more. The program will identify their passion and guide students to grow and compete nationally and internationally.

Jan 2022

Started brainstorming ideas with advisors and friends outside TeensHelping.org

Feb 2022

Started talking to different partners that would have relations with different schools and who would be interested to work with TeensHelping.org

March 2022

Started talking to All4Ball, an organization which was creating sports clinics in Nepal in multiple government run schools.

April and May 2022

All4Ball introduced Teens Helping to a partner organization called Collaborative Schools Network (CSN) who manages public schools in Nepal to transform the quality of education. Teens Helping worked with All4Ball and CSN to arrange for a day of programming and a test to determine skills of one student that Prakul would teach programming to prepare this student for international-level competitions.

Prakul bought a new laptop as a first-place prize, agreed to pay for the second place prize, students' transportation to & from the program location, and students' lunch, all from the money I earned from my job as a Kumon Assistant.

Started thinking about the best way to help in searching passionate students who have skills but lack of resources needed to succeed in national and international level.

June 2022

For the selection process, each school was given requirements that the chosen students needed to be good at Math and also have an interest in computers & programming.

For the selection process, each school was given requirements that the chosen students needed to be good at Math and also have an interest in computers & programming. On the day of the program, twenty-two students from five different government run schools came into the location, one of the participating schools. During the first half of the program,

Prakul Neupane introduced them to the basics of programming and Java. In the second half of the program, Prakul conducted the pattern-based test where two students tied and we were able to find one winner after two rounds of tie-breakers. All the students were given participation certificates. Second and third place winners received a web-development training certificate.

The first-place winner received a new laptop along with biweekly classes where I will mentor them about programming and prepare the student to be able to participate in programming competitions.

The event turned out well, 22 students from a series of Government-run Schools were introduced to programming that they would not have access to otherwise. Prakul introduced concepts to them that would be useful if they ever wanted to participate in a career related to programming. The fact that (as can be seen in the video), many of the kids participating in the program highly rated it shows that the program was successful in conveying useful information in an engaging way.

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