Learn Life Skills

Mission on 1.2.2023

Establish a "Learn Life Skills" program that focuses on guiding students in the area of their passion.

Target audience and impact

Students who are trying to build skills, including interpersonal skills.

Oct 2022

Started brainstorming ideas with advisors and friends outside TeensHelping.org

Nov 2022

Started talking to K Foundation Global board members.

Jan 22, 2023 - First Program

The first program was held.

K Foundation Global President, Navaneet Koirala, TeensHelping.org board members (Prakul & Binay)

Prakul started with a basic lecture in Java Programming. It was then followed by hands on practice.

Feb 2022 - Second Program

In this program Prakul introduced the Java Programming and invited students to collaborative session on Feb 19.

Asking participants to join collaborative session on Feb 19.

Handing over brochure to all the participants.

About 15 participants attended the meeting on Feb 4, 2022.

Feb 19, 2023 - Third Program

In the third program, we added Crochet along with Java programming. This way, students can collaborate on two different skills.

Prakul conducted a Java Class, whereas Seasha conducted a crochet class.

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